Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can detect abnormalities or diseases by producing detailed anatomical images. An MRI can scan various areas of the body, including the brain, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and joints. Each MRI is interpreted by an EFW radiologist with special training and expertise. The resulting reports provide important information that will help with diagnosis and treatment.

At EFW Radiology we believe in making medically appropriate MRI more accessible to help patients and doctors find the answers to a medical issue, regardless of how many body parts need to be imaged. 

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  • Hand: $600
  • Spine 3 Levels: $600
  • Brain + Neck + Spine (w/ contrast): $850


Why Choose EFW for your MRI?

Other Calgary providers charge per body part, making complex MRI exams very expensive. We encourage you to compare our MRI pricing to that of our competitors.

Your MRI exam will be read by the same radiologists who read thousands of MRI exams at the Foothills Medical Centre.

What is One Visit, One Price?

Our focus is on an individual’s medical problem, not body parts. Our goal is to image what is required to help answer a specific medical question.

For example, if your doctor is concerned about headaches, multiple images may be required including brain, neck and shoulders. In this example, you would pay one price and have multiple body parts imaged during your visit. Should your Doctor order a knee image as well, that is considered a second problem and would require a separate appointment and you would be charged additionally for this unrelated MRI exam.

Why do I have more than one appointment booked for my MRI?

When there are multiple, unrelated and separate medical questions involving different body parts, we will book these on different days. Answering multiple medical questions is complex and requires lengthier exam times. Years of experience with MRI patients at the Foothills Medical Centre tells us that the quality of exams decreases if patients have to be on the MRI machine for too long. When appropriate, we bring patients back for a second visit to obtain the imaging needed to answer one medical question. In those cases, patients do not pay a second fee.

Why am I having contrast and being charged for it?

Sometimes the question your doctor asks requires us to use a contrast agent, which is injected into your vein or into a joint. We only use contrast agents when we believe it is required to answer your doctor’s question.  The related $250 fee is for the medical supplies and expertise required to administer it.

Can I order as many MRIs as I want?

At EFW Radiology we believe medical tests (imaging tests, x-rays, CT scans, or MRI) should only be used when considered appropriate to answer a medical question. We do not provide MRI scans when they are not medically appropriate, nor does EFW perform comprehensive MRI body screening.

How to prepare

Download a printable PDF of the MRI Patient Brochure